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Pura Vida cuisine
  • delicious

    The cocktails have been crafted specifically for the Pura Vida guests. The drinking menu is mixed with the current hottest trends including champagne cocktails, herbs, foams, and virgin mojitos. The majority of the extensive wine list are spanish wines, with add ons from Austria, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and France. You are always welcome to enjoy an Aperitig on the huge elegant Outside bar.

    Pura Vida
  • modern fusion

    Authentic food and high quality in a place which entices you to stay and simply enjoy! Classic and modern - words fail to describe fully the chef’s creations. You enjoy extraordinary food creatively composed to give you an unforgettable explosion of taste. Our friendly staff are there to ensure that our guests relax and enjoy themselves.

    Pura Vida
  • seafood

    Utilizing one of Ibiza’s best resources, Seafood is an inspired choice to create a fresh midday menu. Even for starter or maincourse you can feel the breeze and the culinary influences from all over the world. Our chef Victor exchange ideas and feed off creatively to style an innovativ menu.


    Pura Vida