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Kristal & Jose Luis

Kristal & Jose Luis

Hello lovely people!!

I just wanted to give you THE BIGGEST THANKS because without you we could not have the lovely day that we had the last July 7th, our special and big day.

Without Alexandra, it could not be possible to meet any of you, and my first thanks are for her and the Pura Vida team, all of them were lovely and the nicest staff that we could have for our wedding.

Anna, I have not still see your pictures but I am sure there are also lovely and you do your love with the heart and you make me feel really special, you are one of the nicest person that I ever meet. Thanks for be my photographer!

Alex, without you we could not have the kind of party that we had, your spirit reflected in your music! And your words after the wedding were really nice, you have also enjoyed the moment and that was also important for us. You have give us moments with my music too and it was lovely for me.

Louisa, the moms were really pretties, please extend my thanks to your colleague. Jose and me were nicely surprised with the results…thanks to you too!

And Alexandra, please give our thanks to Pura Vida’s team and Daniel, instead to the german people watching the football because they were really nice too.

THANKS, THANKS, THANKS! Many thanks for all of you! We have really enjoyed the day, and we will not forgot you, never!…I have just missed to have a picture with all of you together, but I think we could make some collage 😉

All my love for all of you, and I do not have enough words to say all that I feel (and felt!).


Kristal & Jose Luis